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Beanie Boos Husky?Prince Blue Reg 6In

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“Their name may sound spooky, but Beanie Boos are the cutest little plushies around. With their large sparkly and inquisitive eyes, and cute little smirk, Ty Beanie Boos look like they may come to life and give you a ???BOO-P??? on the nose.
Prince is 15cm / 6″” in size. He has been sewn from three super-soft, silk fabrics unique to TY in a thread textured neon blue, with a crisp white and royal blue for his ears, surrounding a smooth neon blue satin with shimmering matching foil dots, for his tactile inner ears. To finish, large and round, twinkling blue glitter eyes and a molded black nose upon his velvety muzzle, plus beans in his lower half, give that must-have squidgy soft feel and adorable appeal


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