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Kidkraft Devonshire Elite Swing Set / Playset

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With bursts of bright yellow, the Devonshire Elite Swing Set/Playset from KidKraft will attract kids from far and wide to scatter and scramble all over its many play features. Two slides provide double the thrills—a curvy, tunnel slide and a wavy slide. A trio of swings—two belt and an acrobar—lets little ones feel the wind as they journey to the stars. A maze wall provides a challenging trail up to the top for expert climbers. Besides active play, there’s ample room for pretend play. A striped awning welcomes prospective café owners to set up shop to serve guests at the open window with attached stools. The two-story clubhouse offers a cozy space below and an airy, sunny area above. Side-by-side rock wall and ladder offer up two options for climbing to the top, ensuring all ages feel comfortable. Once there, kids will be delighted to find a steering wheel and telescope for help navigating make believe stories. A separate tower provides another snug shelter to lose yourself in imagination. With pre-assembled panels, water-based stain and heavy-duty components, this playset will win over parents as well.


  • Includes all features of the Devonshire + tower and maze rock
  • Accommodates up to 17 children
  • Café window with awning and two attached stools
  • High-rail wave slide
  • Maze rock wall
  • Two-level clubhouse and tower with wooden shiplap roof
  • Rock wall and an access ladder with hand grips promote confidence
  • Two belt swings and an acro bar
  • Play telescope
  • Play steering wheel
  • 12′ Twist-n-Ride tube slide for a thrilling ride
  • Heavy-duty swing hangers and swing chain
  • 100% premium cedar
  • Child-friendly water-based stain
  • Factory-assembled panels for easier assembly

Age Range: 3-10