Baby works – Cloud 9™ Head Support With 100% Cotton Cover (Removable) – Pink

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As new parents, we are often relieved when our baby is at ease and seems comfortable. But with the common routine of using bouncy seats, rockers, swings and other products, a baby can begin to “favor” certain positions which means that there is constant pressure on their delicate craniums.The gentle indentation has been specially designed to position baby’s head comfortably and to support growing neck and shoulder muscles. The soft and gentle memory foam helps to distribute the weight of baby’s head evenly to protect against flat head syndrome and neck pain.


  • PREVENT FLAT HEAD FOR NEWORNS AND INFANTS: While newborns spend the majority of the time on their backs in bouncy seats, rockers, swings, car seats and strollers, the constant pressure on the same area of their heads can result in babies developing flat spots on the back or sides of their heads. The Cloud 9 Head Support helps disburse pressure and distribute weight evenly to help avoid flat head.
  • UNIQUE CLOUD SHAPE IS COMFORTABLE: The unique “cloud” shape is cute while the gentle indentation positions baby in the proper and comfortable position. It helps prevent baby from favoring their right or left side which can aid with proper development and help to avoid torticollis.
  • SOFT AND LUXURIOUS BAMBOO COVER IS REMOVABLE AND WASHABLE: The removable cover is made with rayon from bamboo fibers which are soft and gentle and help keep the head support cool and comfortable! Designed with a hole in the center for maximum breathability, we understand that spit up, vomit and drool are inevitable and we have taken the extra step to develop a cover that is removable with a baby-safe zipper and that is machine washable and dryer-safe.
  • PERFECT FOR ON THE GO!: The head support measures 11” x 7.6” / 28cm x 19cm and is easy to take along on trips for use in a bouncy seat, rocker, swing, car seat, stroller, or playmat!
  • 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are sure you will absolutely love this product, but if by chance you feel let down, we offer a full 100% no questions asked, money-back guarantee!

Color: Pink
Country of Origin: China
100% Cotton

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Dimensions 31 × 42 × 3.8 cm

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