Blippi Feature Vehicle Recycling Truck

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The Blippi Recycling Truck is ready to put waste in the right place! With sounds, real Blippi phrases, and a working lever to
collect bins and dispose of trash, this colorful truck is perfect for every little environmentalist! Place your exclusive Blippi
Recycling figure inside the free-wheeling truck and get ready to reduce, reuse and recycle! Pick up the bin using the working sidelever and dump the trash and recycling cubes into the truck hopper! When it’s time to empty out the truck, lift the hopper up and watch the trash cubes drop out! The highly-detailed trash cube and 7 Blippi sounds and phrases make playtime even more realistic and fun! Encourage your child’s love for theenvironment with the Blippi Recycling Truck today.

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Dimensions 29.61 × 13.34 × 22.86 cm


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