Blippi Pull Back Go-Kart – BLP0188

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Blippi enthusiasts can take Blippi for a spin in his pull back go-kart. Snap Blippi behind the wheel, pull the go-kart back, let go and watch him take a victory lap and spin around in celebration. The bright and colorful toy vehicle will immediately capture your childs attention and quickly become their new favorite toy car! They will have a blast vroom, vroom, vrooming around the room as they go zoom, zoom, zoomin with the Blippi Go-Kart Racer. Blippi is ready to race off to the next adventure with your little one. Your child will be able to recreate scenes from their favorite Blippi episodes! If you’re ready for an action-packed adventure with Blippi, the Go-Kart Racer vehicle is just what you will need to kickstart your Blippi collection!

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