Dickie – Rc Toy Story Crash Buggy, 1:18

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RC Toy Story Crash Buggy

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RC Toy Story Crash Buggy: Buzz can withstand anything Nothing makes a real hero lose his balance ? not even a crash! That?s why it doesn?t bother the Buzz figure on the rear spoiler of the RC Toy Story Crash Buggy if children aged four years and over steer this lightning-fast car, with radio remote control, towards an obstacle. On the contrary! In the event of a crash to the front spoiler, the rear spoiler, along with the Buzz figure, topples backwards. But don?t worry, it?s child?s play to fold it back together again into its original position. When the track is clear, the speedster can drive forwards, backwards and to the left and right. With this versatile toy, children can discover new mechanical connections and relive their impressions from the hit movie ?Toy Story 4? in their imaginations. ? original description: RC Toy Story Crash Buggy ? toy car with 2-channel remote control (2.4 GHz) ? drives forwards, backwards, left and right ? with permanently attached Buzz figure and front light ? a crash to the front spoiler triggers the tilt function at the back spoiler ? scale: 1:18 ? length: 24 cm ? batteries not included (4x 1,5V-LR6 + 2x 1,5V-LR03) ? recommended age: 4+

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