Jada – Fast & Furious Lykan Hyperspot,1:24

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Company Jada is licensed car Lycan Gipersport, which repeats the design of the full-size sports car from the movie Fast and the Furious 7. This car has a futuristic design and a bright red color. The body is made using the Die-Cast technology (injection molding). It has a detailed body: transparent headlights and glass, rear-view mirrors, a figured panoramic sunroof on the roof, and windshield wipers. Swinging parts will help you to look inside the car: hood, trunk, doors. Opening the bonnet reveals a detailed engine. Rubber wheels on black discs have a free-wheeling mechanism, thanks to which small collectors will conveniently place it in their toy city. Lycan Hypersport will be an excellent addition to the collection of motorists.

licensed collectible car Lycan Hypersport
a small copy of a tuned sports car from the legendary movie Fast and Furious 7
body made by Die-Cast technology (injection molding)
red bright body color
opening parts: doors, hood, trunk
detailed body: under the hood is the engine, outside rear-view mirrors, transparent glass and headlights, wiper, sunroof
Detailed interior: dashboard, steering wheel, seats
rubber wheels on black rims
freewheel mechanism
scale 1:24

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