Feber Mega 4 In Line C20

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The classic strategy and intelligence game for 2 or more players. Ideal for the whole family. The chips are stored by colors on the sides and is easily removable, occupying very little space. Luminous colors, resistant to sunlight and changes in temperature. The child’s contact with the outdoors and nature allows him to experience with the five senses his relationship with the outside world, favoring the physical and emotional development of the child.


  • The classic game of strategy and intelligence for two or more players. Ideal for the whole family.
  • The rings are filled by colours at the sides and it is easy to take apart, taking up very little space. Bright colours, resistant to sunlight and temperature changes.
  • The chips are saved by colors on the sides
  • Easily removable, takes up little space

Country of Origin: SPAIN
Color: Multicolor