Hot Focus Ballerina Dream Collection

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Elevate your beauty routine with the Ballerina Dream Collection Beauty Caboodle. This meticulously curated ensemble is a symphony of elegance and style, encapsulating the spirit of a ballerina’s dream. With a removable tray for convenience, a see-through top for easy access, an exquisite eyeshadow palette, a precision eyeshadow applicator, a luminous lip gloss, two scented nail polishes that transport your senses, a nail file for precision grooming, and two toe separators for that ultimate pampering, this collection is your backstage pass to a world of enchanting beauty.

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Immerse yourself in the world of grace and beauty with our meticulously crafted beauty caboodle. Its design captures the elegance and allure of a ballerina’s dream, offering not only style but also functionality with a removable tray and a see-through top for effortless organization. Unleash your inner artist with an eyeshadow palette that mirrors the artistry of a ballerina’s performance.Achieve impeccable eye makeup with the included eyeshadow applicator, meticulously designed for precision and ease. Add a touch of elegance to your lips with a luminous lip gloss that mirrors the glow of a spotlight. Elevate your nail art with two scented nail polishes that add both color and fragrance to your fingertips .Groom your nails with precision using the included nail file, and indulge your feet with the two toe separators for the ultimate spa-like pampering.

2 scented nail polishes, 1 nail file, and 2 toe separators to get the full nail salon experience at home. You will get the best and cutest pedicure!

1 cosmetic caddy with removable tray and see through top. Removable tray is super convenient to easily add or remove beauty pieces and to organize makeup.

1 eyeshadow palette that includes 3 colors; purple, orange, and blue and 1 eyeshadow applicator to bring these colors to life!

Perfect as a gift, activity, slumber party, or any special occasion

What’s Inside: 1 cosmetic caddy with removable tray and see through top , 1 eyeshadow palette, 1 eyeshadow applicator, 1 lip gloss, 2 scented nail polishes, 1 nail file, 2 toe separators

Country of origin: CHINA

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Dimensions 11.5 × 23 × 15.5 cm


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