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Immerse your little one in a world of sparkling delight with the Hot Focus Unicorn Glitter Cosmetic Set for Kids. This extensive kit comes complete with everything needed for hours of imaginative play. The reusable acrylic case not only keeps all the treasures neatly arranged but also adds a stylish touch to your child’s vanity. Inside, they’ll uncover a lip gloss and lipstick in vibrant shades, alongside a mesmerizing glitter eyeshadow palette for endless possibilities in creative makeup looks. The two scented nail polishes offer a secure and enjoyable avenue for your child to dabble in nail art. Every component of this set is carefully crafted to ensure play that is both safe and mess-free. The nail polishes are gentle on young nails, and the provided eyeshadow applicator allows for precise makeup application. Whether it’s a special occasion or simply a day of play, the Hot Focus Unicorn Glitter Cosmetic Set guarantees hours of amusement while nurturing your child’s creativity. Witness their exploration of the makeup world in a secure, kid-friendly manner!

  • Unicorn Magic Glam: Unleash your child’s inner unicorn with this enchanting cosmetic set featuring a glittering unicorn design. Ideal for kids who adore all things magical and sparkling.
  • Complete Makeup Ensemble: This set includes 1 reusable acrylic case, 1 lip gloss, 1 lipstick, 1 glitter eyeshadow palette, 2 scented water-based nail polishes, and 1 eyeshadow applicator, giving your little one everything they need for a fabulous makeover.
  • Safe and Scented Fun: Our water-based nail polishes are not only vibrant and colorful but also scented, adding an extra layer of sensory delight. Plus, they’re completely safe for children to use, meeting both Gulf and International Standards, to provide you with peace of mind knowing you’re making a secure and responsible choice.
  • Hours of Creative Play: Spark your child’s imagination and creativity with this unicorn-themed cosmetic set. Whether it’s for dress-up, playdates, or special occasions, it’s the perfect gift for kids who love all things magical and glittery.

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