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Elevate your child’s art fun with the Hot Focus Henna Body Art Kit made just for kids. Let them be super creative with three Henna Tattoo Pens, full of colors and easy to use. The kit also has two Shimmer Body Paints for extra sparkle. With eight Reusable Stencils, your little one can make beautiful designs easily. But there’s more – add a touch of glamour with Body Jewels. Safety comes first, so the kit includes Temporary Glitter Tattoos for a safe and short-term body art experience. Let their imagination shine with the Hot Focus Henna Body Art Kit – a mix of creativity, safety, and endless fun.

  • Vibrant Henna Tattoo Experience: Explore the world of body art with our Hot Focus Henna Body Art Kit designed specifically for kids. Unleash creativity with 3 Henna Tattoo Pens, providing a spectrum of vivid colors for endless artistic possibilities.
  • Shimmer and Shine: Elevate the fun with 2 Shimmer Body Paints that add a touch of sparkle to your child’s designs. Watch as their creations come to life with a dazzling shimmer effect, ensuring a glamorous and eye-catching appearance.
  • Safe and Kid-Friendly: Hot Focus prioritizes safety, and these Henna Body Art is made with kid-friendly materials. Parents can rest assured that their little ones can enjoy a creative and stylish nail experience without compromising on safety.
  • Complete Body Art Set: This comprehensive kit doesn’t stop at tattoos; it includes 1 Sheet of Body Jewels and 1 Temporary Glitter Tattoo for an extra layer of excitement. Perfect for playdates, parties, or simply enjoying creative moments at home, this set ensures hours of imaginative fun for your little ones.

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