Hot Focus Caticorn Sparkling Eyeshadow and Moody Lipstick

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Make playtime more fun for your child with the Hot Focus Sparkling Eyeshadow and Moody Lipstick Set in the Caticorn theme. This special makeup kit is designed just for kids, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience as they explore beauty and express themselves. The set includes a cool eyeshadow palette with lots of sparkly colors for imaginative and colorful eye looks. Two moody lipsticks are also included to add a touch of magic to playdates or special events. We’ve made applying the makeup easy and fun with a precise eyeshadow applicator, allowing your child to try out different styles. Safety is our priority, so the makeup set has gentle ingredients suitable for young skin and is easy to remove for quick cleanup after a day of play. Spark your child’s creativity and let them have a safe and enjoyable time exploring beauty with the Hot Focus Caticorn-themed eyeshadow and lipstick set. Order now to see your little one become a magical makeup artist!

  • Caticorn-Inspired Glamour: Unleash your child’s inner magic with the Hot Focus Sparkling Eyeshadow and Moody Lipstick set featuring enchanting Caticorn-themed shades, perfect for play and parties.
  • Vibrant Eyeshadow Palette: Dive into a world of color with 1 eyeshadow palette, carefully curated with mesmerizing hues that blend effortlessly for a shimmering and magical look.
  • Moody Lipstick Magic: Let your little one express their mood with 2 mood-changing lipsticks that transform into delightful shades, adding a touch of whimsy to their makeup routine.
  • Easy Application: The set includes 1 eyeshadow applicator for precise and easy application, making it a breeze for kids to experiment with different looks. Ideal for creative play and fostering imagination.

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