Kidkraft 5-in-1 Sports Climber

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It’s game time with the most action-packed climber around. The KidKraft 5-in-1 Sports Climber lets future athletic stars try out different sports in a fun, toddler-sized playset. With a soccer goal, basketball hoop, baseball targets, slide and ladder, there’s plenty of action to keep toddlers busy from practice to the pros. Not only will children take aim at their favorite game, they’ll also be learning crucial gross motor skills, such as coordination, balance and strength. The 360˚ format allows for multiple kids to play at once. Besides bonding with teammates, kids will also learn independence to go up and down the slide on their own or hang out underneath the deck. Not only does the climber build physical skills, it can also help boost mental thinking as well. Keeping score, strategizing on the next move and counting down the time clock are ways to incorporate a little light learning into the play. Overall, the 5-in-1 Sports Climber from KidKraft is a winner.


  • Climb up wood ladder to 20″ wood deck; helps develop muscles and coordination
  • Slide just the right size for novices; builds confidence and independence
  • Score baskets with basketball hoop and swish through the net
  • Kick goals into soccer net
  • Comes with 3 junior-sized balls: soccer, basketball and baseball
  • Throw baseball through target holes in backboard to practice accuracy
  • Year-round play: can be used indoors or outdoors
  • EZ Kraft Assembly™ for less build time and more play time

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