LOL Surprise! Townley Girl Makeup Set

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Introducing the Townley Girl LOL Surprise Makeup Set, a vibrant and playful collection designed especially for kids! This delightful set includes everything your little fashionista needs to create their own fabulous looks: 2 seven-well lip glosses, 1 eight-well eye shadow palette, 1 four-well blush palette, and 4 brushes.

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Introducing the LOL Surprise! Townley Girl Kids Makeup Set! It’s a great addition to your child’s playtime. This makeup kit has everything your child needs to have fun with makeup. It comes with two lip glosses and eight eye shadows in different colors. There are also four blush shades to give a nice finish. The set has four brushes to help apply the makeup. It’s important to us that the makeup is safe, so we made sure it’s made from ingredients that are okay for kids. It’s easy to wash off with just water, so cleaning up is easy. Your child can use this makeup for playing pretend, dressing up, or having fun at parties. If your child loves LOL Surprise!, they’ll be extra excited about this makeup set. It’s a great gift for birthdays and special occasions. Get the LOL Surprise! Townley Girl Kids Makeup Set and see your child smile with happiness as they have fun with makeup!

  • All-in-One Beauty Set: Includes 2 7-well Lip Glosses, 1 8-well Eye Shadow palette, 1 4-well Blush palette, and 4 high-quality brushes for a complete and versatile makeup experience.
  • Safe, Sparkly, and Princess-Approved – The LOL Surprise! Townley Girl Makeup Set is completely safe for your princess to use. It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals. It passed all the important tests and is made with ingredients that won’t cause allergies or harm. It meets both Gulf and International Standards, so you can feel confident that it’s a safe and good choice.
  • Sparkle and Style: Empowering Playful Creativity – Whether it’s for a dress-up day, a birthday party, or simply some imaginative play, this makeup kit will infuse joy and excitement into your child’s world. It encourages their creativity and self-expression as they delight in experimenting with colors and styles. Unleash your child’s inner artist and watch their confidence soar!
  • Enchanting Palette: Playful Glam for Little Ones – Let your child’s imagination run wild with vibrant colors and shimmering finishes. The eye shadows, lip glosses, and blush in this set offer a variety of shades to create playful and glamorous looks fit for any occasion.

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