LOL Surprise! – Townley Girl Nail And Body Art Sticker Set

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Make your little one’s nail art more fun with the LOL Surprise! – Townley Girl Nail and Body Art Sticker Set. This kit is made for kids who like to decorate their nails. It comes with 12 pretty press-on nails in different bright colors and patterns, so they can make lots of different designs. There’s also a sheet of cool nail stickers that they can stick on easily to add more style. The kit also has a good nail file to help shape and finish the nails just right. The set has a cute LOL Surprise! theme that kids will really like. They can use it for playtime or special times, and it’s a safe and fun way for them to try out nail art. This Townley Girl set is all about encouraging creativity and expressing themselves.

  • Enhance Your Beauty Routine with our Complete Beauty Collection: Includes 12 Press-on Nails, 1 Sheet of Nail Stickers, and 1 Nail File for a Perfect Manicure Experience
  • Safe and Sparkle – The LOL Surprise! – Townley Girl Nail And Body Art Sticker Set is completely safe for your princess to use. It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals, so you don’t need to worry. It passed all the important tests to make sure it’s gentle on the skin and won’t cause allergies. It meets the standards set by Gulf and International authorities, so you can be sure you’re choosing a safe and good product
  • Creative Fun – Let your child’s imagination run wild with a variety of cute and vibrant nail sticker designs. They can mix and match to create their own unique looks, providing hours of creative entertainment.
  • Unleash Your Child’s Inner Artist – Whether it’s for a dress-up day, a birthday party, or simply some imaginative play, this makeup kit will infuse joy and excitement into your child’s world. It encourages their creativity and self-expression as they delight in experimenting with colors and styles. Unleash your child’s inner artist and watch their confidence soar!

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