Minnie Mouse Lip Gloss Pack of 7

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This Minnie Mouse 7 pack lip gloss is perfect your little girl who just wants a little sparkle in her life. With 6 different flavors to choose from your child will never get bored.

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Make your child’s beauty routine more special with this Minnie Mouse Kids Lip Gloss Set. It has seven different lip glosses with yummy flavors like Blueberry, Berry, Strawberry, Watermelon, Grape, Bubblegum, and Cotton Candy. The set is perfect for kids who love Disney and has cute pictures of Minnie Mouse on the packaging. Your child will really like the fun and friendly designs. These lip glosses are safe for kids to use, so they can play with them, wear them for special occasions, or just add some sparkle to their day. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or just a nice surprise, this Minnie Mouse Lip Gloss Set is a great gift. The lip gloss tubes are small and easy to carry, so your child can take them in their backpack or purse. They’re also easy to put on, so even kids as young as 3 can use them without any trouble. Treat your little one to this fun set of Minnie Mouse lip glosses and see them smile with joy when they try their favorite flavors. It’s all thanks to the magic of Minnie Mouse!

  • Vibrant Lip Gloss Set for Sweet and Fruity Lips -Vibrant Lip Gloss Set with 7 Delicious Flavors: Blueberry, Berry, Strawberry, Watermelon, Grape, Bubblegum, and Cotton Candy for a Sweet and Fruity Lip-Enhancing Experience
  • Safe & Sparkling -The Minnie Mouse Lip Gloss Pack of 7 is completely safe for your little princess to use. It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals in it. It passed all the tests to make sure it won’t cause allergies and it’s not harmful. It meets the rules in the Gulf and around the world, so you can feel good about choosing it for your child.
  • Imaginative Play and Self-Expression -Whether it’s for a dress-up day, a birthday party, or simply some imaginative play, this makeup kit will infuse joy and excitement into your child’s world. It encourages their creativity and self-expression as they delight in experimenting with colors and styles. Unleash your child’s inner artist and watch their confidence soar!
  • 7 Adorable Lip Glosses for Playful Fun – Delight your little one with this adorable set of 7 lip glosses featuring their favorite Minnie Mouse. Perfect for dress-up and playtime!

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