Orbeez Grown Activity Bundle Set 4Pack

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Introducing a new addition to the Orbeez craze, the Orbeez Activity Orb bundle pack. Unbox your bundle pack to reveal four mini-playsets, called the Flow, Bounce, Squeeze and Crush Playsets. Each activity orb in the bundle comes with 400 Green, Blue, Purple or Pink Orbeez stored in their very own activity containers with hinged lids, so you can take them with you anywhere. After a really simple set-up, kids and adults can enjoy the soothing sensory experience of playing with these juicy gems and never be bored again. In the Flow Playset, use the scoop to send your Orbeez slipping and sliding down 2 ramps and 2 chutes, before bouncing into one of three numbered slots below. Earn 1, 2 or 3 points, based on where you land and see how many points you can score. The Bounce Playset features an Orbeez launcher which you attach to the lip of the container, along with 2 numbered baskets that you snap onto the lid. Use the launcher to propel your Orbeez into one of the baskets and depending on which basket you get, earn either 2 or 3 points for every basket made. In the Squeeze Playset, fill up a clear squishable pod with Orbeez using the funnel accessory. Then, once full, use a ring-topped cap to seal the Orbeez in the pod and begin squeezing and squishing away at your own stress ball. The fourth activity set is the Crush Playset, which is exclusive to this bundle and can’t be found anywhere else. In this activity, load your bouncy water beads into an oversized Orbeez-Squisher to crush them into some goopy goodness that feels wonderful to the touch (Pod, funnel, Cap and oversized Orbeez-Squisher included).


  • 1600 ORBEEZ: The Orbeez Activity Orb Bundle comes with 400 Green, 400 Blue, 400 Purple and 400 Pink Orbeez, to give you a slippery, squishy, bouncy sensory-experience unlike any other.
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL: Each Orbeez Activity Orb comes in a portable container which holds your Orbeez and the accessories, so you have everything you need to play and can take it with you everywhere.
  • SENSORY TOYS: Experience satisfying tactile stimulations that will calm the mind, soothe the senses and develop fine motor skills. Orbeez are great stress balls, fidget toys and learning toys.

  • NON-TOXIC AND SAFETY TESTED: Orbeez have been tested to meet international toy safety regulations and are non-toxic and safe for play as an alternative to modelling clay, slime kits and silly string.

Battery Required: No
Country of Origin: CHINA
Material: Plastic/Water Beads
Color: Multicolor

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