Blippi Feature Roleplay Doctor Set

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Blippi Feature Roleplay Doctor Set

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Doctor Blippi will see you now! Explore your child’s dream of becoming a doctor with the Doctor Blippi playset! This Blippi doctor kit for kids is filled with everything your future M.D. needs to save the day! Watch your little one put on their Blippi Glasses and get to work. Your child can press the heart on the stethoscope and watch it light-up, squeeze the pump on the blood pressure arm band to watch Blippi’s bow spin, push down the syringe to inject necessary medicine, and spin the roller inside the thermometer from healthy to sick and back again! The doctor kit also includes 2 bandages, 1 Blippi Medical board with activity sheets,1 reflex hammer decorated with Blippi’s iconic shoe, and a Doctor’s bag to hold it all in! So add Doctor Blippi to your Blippi collection today- it’s just what the doctor ordered!

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Dimensions 25 × 6.5 × 15 cm