Science Crystal Growing Intersting scientific Experiment

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Crystal Growing science toy experiment for child education game easy DIY project


1. Carefully pour 100ml hot tap water into the water container. (Ask an adult assiatant to help you.)
2. Add the big bag of ammonium dihydrogen orthophosphate.
3. Stir until all of the powder has dissolved.
4. Leave the solution for 2 minutes to cool.
5. Carefully pour the solution into the bottle and then Place the bottle in a flat, safe place.
Make sure that the bottle is protected from direct sunlight.
6. Put the seed crystal in the middle of the bottom bottle.
7. Pour the small bag of ammonium dihydrogen orthophosphate on the top of the seed crystal.
8. Screw the cap on the bottle and do not move the bottle.
9. After 8 hours, open the cap of the bottle.
In 10-15 days you should see a cluster of crystal diamonds and then pour off the remaining liquid.

Gender: Unisex
Recommended Age:Adventurers 5-7 Years
Color: Multi color
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