Silverlit O.P. One

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Enjoy amazing robotic fun with OP ONE Robot! It’s the programmable robot with lively actions. Featuring various intelligent functions including LED eyes, lively motion, sound detection, live broadcast, motorized arms and more, your child will be entertained with this robot companion for hours on end. With scanning, flashing LED eyes, robot body and roller wheels for feet, it’s built for lots of robotic entertainment for your little ones. Put your child in the driver’s seat of this fun robot using the 2.4 Ghazi controller.
Show off its strength and motion ability; this robot can move its head in all directions and can even lift up objects with both motorized arms. On dance mode, this robot will show you its coolest dance moves with different tunes. Program various actions on your controller for OP One to move to and perform exactly as you want. Want to broadcast a message all over the house? Record your message with OP ONE, choose one of 5 real-time voice changer effects and control him as he roams round the house and announces your message. Be the ultimate, silent observer with OP ONE. Set it to real-time sound transmission and you’ll hear all the sound around it through the controller’s built-in speaker.

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