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The Smoby pediatric practice consists of three wings made of high-quality cardboard parts, which are surrounded by a sturdy metal frame. The integrated shelves provide additional stability and offer plenty of space for the extensive examination accessories. After playing, the school can be folded up and put away again to save space.
The different play areas offer a wide variety of examination options:
In the radiology area, the 5 x-ray images can be analyzed or placed on the children’s silhouettes to recreate a skeleton.
Detection of body parts: here the children can attach various medical aids with Velcro.
Nutrition area: the little patients can show what they ate during the day with the help of small cards showing food.
Eye test: with the help of a card and game glasses, both eyes can be tested for vision and color recognition.
Pain recognition: wheel, for different clinical pictures.
Measuring range: the growth table can be used to indicate the baby’s gender during pregnancy and the height of up to 1.20 m can be determined with the help of the measuring stick.
Adjustment wheel to determine the different levels of treatment.
Play scale to take the patient’s weight.
Numerous accessories complement the playful equipment.
Product dimensions (LxWxH): 135 x 41 x 120 cm.
Age recommendation: suitable for children from 3 years

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