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Top Trumps is a massively popular worldwide card game based on a multitude of themes such as movies, vehicles, sports teams, locations, characters from a popular film or television series and absolutely hundreds more subjests, in fact there can not be many subjects that have not had a set of Top Trumps dedicated to it !! A full pack usually consists of 30 or 32 cards (NOTE – This listing is NOT for a full pack) and each card shows a list of numerical data about the subject matter. For example, in a pack where the theme is about a movie the card will include characters and some relevant data varying from things like good looks and intelligence to strength and bravery depending on the criteria. As well as being an enthralling game the sheer variety of subjects covered has made individual cards highly collectible for fans of the relevant character or subject matter. This is ONE SUCH INDIVIDUAL CARD. The picture shows the actual card and either the title card or the rear of a card from the same series. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A SINGLE COLLECTOR CARD AND NOT THE FULL PACK.


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