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Volcanic Eruptions Easy DIY Simple little experiments

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Volcanic Eruptions DIY Simple little experiments without failure Toy Experiment Educational Learning Toy


1. Assemble the mountain as much.
2. Place on top of newspaper or magazines to prevent things from getting messy.
3. Wear the goggles. Using the scoop, place half a spoon of tartaric acid onto the top of the mountain.
4. Add 10ml warm water on the tartaric acid on top of the mountain.
5. Add 5-10 drops of food pigment.
6. Mix the food pigment and water.
7. Pour half a spoon of soda in the cup onto the top of the mountain.
8. Watch the volcano eruption!
You can try adding a small amount of water(about 5ML) when the eruption is slow.

Gender: Unisex
Recommended Age:Adventurers 5-7 Years
Color: Multi color
Warranty: Non-Returnable

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