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Elevate your style with our mesmerizing collection of 20 vibrant 3D press on nails, deisgned to encapsulate the essence of modern trendiness and timeless elegance. Unveil a world of limitless possibilites as you adorn your fingertips with these artistic masterpieces, each press on nail a testament to your indivduality and flair for fashion. Our 3D press on nails offer a revolutionary solution for achieving salon-worthy manicures in an instant, sparing you the time and expense of a nail salon.

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The curated assortment of 20 uniquely designed press-ons presents a panorama of styles, from daring geometrics to delicate florals, sparkly holographic fantasies to cool vibes. Crafted with precision and innovation, each nail boasts a stunning 3D texture that not only catches the light in mesmerizig ways but also adds a tactile dimension to your fingertips.The nails are perfectly shaped and sized to offer the utmost comfort and a flawless finish. With our 20 piece 3D press on nail collection, your journey towards a trendsetting and stylish vibe has never been so exciting and effortlessly chic.

Contains 20 3D press on nails that are easy to apply and remove

Safe for girls 5+. Girls can enjoy mixing and matching various fun designs. The perfect activty for a slumber party or a hanging out with friends.

To Apply: 1. Select the correct nail size for each finger. 2 Position the press on nail against the cuticle and firmly press onto the nail

To Remove: 1 .Soak the nails in warm water for 15 minutes or more. 2. Starting from the cuticle area, gently remove the press on nails from each finger

What’s Inside: 20X3D PRESS ON NAILS

Material Type: Press on nails–ABS
Country of origin: CHINA

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Dimensions 18.5 × 8.55 × 2 cm


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